Philanthropy Services is your partners for outsourced administrative services and communication projects. Our specialty is philanthropy, and our services are directed toward philanthropic institutions, organizations and families who need help in getting the word out in an efficient and effective manner.
Services available nation-wide
and across the world!
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Offices in the U.S. and Europe
Since 1999, our mission-driving consulting firm has facilitated
the lending of expertise to develop strategies for the
development, organization and management of philanthropic  
programming. Philanthropy Strategies provides customized
consulting services to nonprofit and philanthropic organiza-
tions, and is an effective and able resource for foundations,
corporations, affinity groups, and individual donors, to create
philanthropic strategies that reflect a donor´s interests in an
issue, sector or region. We provide technical expertise and a
wide range of services oriented specifically toward the field of
philanthropy, either for a short-term need or on an ongoing
basis. Our associates have extensive background with the
insight and knowledge of what needs to be done to be an
effective grantmaker, and the experience to know how to do

Drawing on the experience and skills of many seasoned
professionals from a wide variety of academic backgrounds
and life experiences, we are able to provide a full spectrum
of activities required of an effective grantmaker. Through
consulting, research and grants management services,
Philanthropy Strategies offers an array of services to help
funders consider new funding areas, clarify goals, fine
tune grantmaking strategies, and efficiently carry out grant
programs. Newly-organized foundations can access our
services for us to handle the burdens of administration in
order to concentrate on philanthropic goals and growth.
Foundations and family philanthropies can benefit from
our expertise for strategic planning and next-generation
training. Individuals, foundations and corporations can
find skilled services in heritage management projects
and legacy services.

Our team members are uniquely qualified to assist in the
step-by-step process of determining strategic direction,
researching community needs, and developing appropriate
program guidelines - everything needed to establish or
strengthen an effective and efficient grantmaking entity,
with the utmost confidentiality, guaranteed!

Whether you require assistance with starting a foundation
or with the needs of an existing entity, with fine-tuning your
grantmaking or transferring philanthropic values to the next
generation, Philanthropy Strategies can help. Let´s talk!
Contact us today for a complementary consultation.
Our services are tailored to meet
needs that allow grantmakers to
focus on an active philanthropy

Strategy Practice:
  • Sector Analyses
  • Strategic Planning
  • Programming Design

  • Grants Management
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and Analyses

  • Back Office Administration
  • Family Office Services
  • Data Base Management

  • Hard-Copy and Digital
  • Websites and Social Media
  • Media Relations

Travel and Education:
  • Philanthropic Adventures

Governance Operations:  
  • Board Services
  • Structured Donation Programs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Next-Generation Training
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